He's a friend from work!

10/26/20, 3:52 PM by Shazena Khan

Grandmaster plops Loki down in the front row, right against the glass. Loki casually tries to hide his face in his hand.

IN THE ARENA: THOR Hey! We know each other. He’s a friend from work.

(to Hulk:) Where have you been? Everybody thought you were dead. So much has happened since I last saw you. I lost my hammer. Like, yesterday, so that’s still pretty fresh.

(then:) Loki! Loki’s alive. Can you believe it? He’s up there. (waves to Loki:) Loki! Look who it is!

Loki is petrified.

THOR (CONT’D) Banner, I never thought I would say this, but I’m happy to see you. IN THE ARENA: Hulk is still eyeballing Thor while the capacity crowd CHANTS insanely for “HULK! HULK! HULK!” THOR (CONT’D) Banner. Hey, Banner! Hulk’s face grimaces and contorts, suppressing puny Banner.

HULK NO BANNER! ONLY HULK! Hulk CHARGES at Thor. Insanely fast. THOR What are you doing? It’s me. Thor DODGES the first few attacks, but then Hulk SHATTERS his shield and sends Thor FLYING. Thor draws a sword and STABS it into the ground to slow his momentum. Draws the other sword and faces off against Hulk. THOR (CONT’D) Banner, we’re friends. This is crazy. I don’t want to hurt you! They engage again. Hulk KICKS Thor, sending him SLAMMING into the wall.

GRANDMASTER Here we go. Thor jumps down just in time to avoid Hulk’s warhammer, which HITS so hard that it remains lodged in the wall. With Hulk charging again, Thor RIPS the warhammer out of the wall and WALLOPS Hulk with it. Hulk goes CRASHING alongside the arena. He ends up sprawled out in a pile of rubble, slightly dazed. GRANDMASTER (CONT’D) What? ABOVE: Val is watching through a set of high-tech binoculars. She reacts to Thor, reluctantly impressed.

Thor advances on Hulk with all the swagger. He takes off his helmet and CALLS OUT to Hulk, provoking him. THOR Hey, big guy. The sun’s getting real low. Hulk takes off his helmet. Scowling. Teeth GRINDING. THOR (CONT’D) That’s it. The sun’s going down. I won’t hurt you anymore. No one will. WHOOSH! Thor is suddenly dragged out of frame. Hulk has Thor by the leg and is WHIPPING him against the arena floor. Over and over and over again.

 IN THE VIP BOX: Loki’s whole mood shifts. The joy returns to his face, like “everything will be alright!” Loki LAUGHS. LOKI Yes! That’s how it feels! (to Grandmaster:) I’m just a huge fan of the sport.

Thor is SMASHED into the floor face first. Hulk ROARS and RUSHES Thor with his axe. THOR All right. Screw it. CLANG! The giant weapons CLASH! Now Thor and Hulk are fighting warhammer versus battleaxe... ...and Thor is winning! He’s getting the better of these exchanges, using Hulk’s aggression against him. Thor continually KNOCKS and/or TRIPS Hulk off his feet while evading all of Hulk’s best attacks. THOR (CONT’D) I know you’re in there, Banner. I’ll get you out! One particular vicious blow DISARMS Hulk, and Thor BREAKS Hulk’s axe with the warhammer. Thor then BASHES Hulk in the chest, KNOCKING him to the ground.

THOR (CONT’D) What’s the matter with you? You’re embarrassing me! I told them we were friends!

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This was so funny!
I remember this happening!! Ahhahahhah