I am... inevitable

10/26/20, 12:13 PM by Shazena Khan

Across the field...ebony maw sends wanda tumbling, but shuri

Blasts him out of the sky.

Cull obsidian hammers valkyrie, but nebula takes him out.

Carol keeps going, gauntlet tucked under her arm, getting

Closer and closer to...

The van...where the quantum tunnel bursts to life.

Across the field...grounded heroes look up to see carol now

Just yards away from the goal.

She puts her head down, flying for all she’s worth. But just

As she reaches the gaping van doors...

Thanos throws the spear...

Boom! The van explodes, sending scott and carol flying,

Taking out some of the wizards holding back the river.

Thanos catches proxima’s returning spear.

Time slows as...steve, thor, and tony spot...the gauntlet,

Lying unguarded in the dirt.

The problem is...so does thanos.

Time resumes as...they all scramble for the stones. They

Collide. Thanos snatches up the gauntlet, kicking thor down.

Thanos knocks tony aside, then squeezes the crushed gauntlet,

Popping it open...just wide enough to put his hand inside.

Steve lunges, but thanos throttles him. Finally clear,

Thanos slips on the gauntlet. But before he can snap...

Carol arrives. She grabs the glove, preventing him from

Closing his fist. He headbutts her...but she doesn’t move.

Carol presses thanos down, but before he falls...

Thanos pulls the power stone from its housing and punches

Carol, sending her flying.

The field goes quiet. Now, nothing stands in thanos’ way.

Tony gets to his knees, realizing...

The avengers are going to lose.

Across the field...water starts to spill into the crater.

Strange tries to hold it back...but it’s a losing battle. He

Looks to tony...

Tony meets his eye. And in that moment, all strange can do

Is hold up a single finger. “one.”

Across the field...thanos returns the power stone to the

Gauntlet. Just as the energy surges through him...

Tony lunges for the gauntlet in thanos’ hand, nano-clamping

It in a vise. Thanos knocks him aside.

He lifts his hand in the air, triumphant.


I am...inevitable.

Thanos snaps his fingers. But nothing happens. Confused,

Thanos turns the glove over to find...the stones are gone.

He looks to see...tony, nano-particles sliding and shifting,

Forming a new gauntlet on his own wrist:

Complete with six infinity stones. Power surges through

Tony, excruciating, but he still lifts his hand...


And i...am iron man.


Whoosh. The tidal wave evaporates into mist.

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