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He's a friend from work!

10/26/20, 3:52 PM by Shazena

Grandmaster plops Loki down in the front row, right against the glass. Loki casually tries to hide his face in his hand. IN THE ARENA: THOR Hey! We know each other. He’s a friend from work. (to Hulk:)... Read More

#Marvel #Thor #Hulk
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Puny God

10/22/20, 7:57 PM by Shazena

Loki looks up at Romanoff when Hulk leaps up, grabbing him and throwing him through the window of the penthouse. PENTHOUSE, STARK TOWER - He roars and moves towards Loki, who gets to his feet. LOKI EN... Read More

#Hulk #Loki
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That's my Secret...

10/22/20, 12:33 AM by Shazena

Natasha picks up a Chitauri weapon and is using it to fight off the warriors. One warrior tries to slice her head off and she slides, dodging it. She jumps to her feet and hits it in the head with the... Read More

#Marvel #Hulk #Chitauri